We talked about Space Exploring with virtual reality. You probably think it’s too fancy to be true. Also, it might not be possible for each of us to actually experience space traveling in real life. Let’s get virtual reality one step closer – an air travel, or even a holiday.

Lufthansa Virtual Cabin Experience

Lufthansa, a 5-star airline based in Germany, launched a trade show in 2015 featuring its airline cabin experience with VR 360 technology.

Imagine yourself in the business cabin and enjoy all the perks of a frequent traveler, including on-board service and the premium atmosphere.

What’s more, equipped with a control in hand (see video 0:45), participants are able to interact with the virtual objects and to fully immerse themselves in the environment.

In addition, they could even virtually travel to their destination to see if it’s really what they want!

So, are you ready to get on board? Now watch the video below! Enjoy yourself as a business cabin traveler!