Just in time for Black Friday 2017, Amazon is following firms such as IKEA or Wayfair in making a strategic move towards the integration of augmented reality (AR) into the shopping experience.

Beginning of this month, Amazon integrated AR View into their shopping app. Now potential shoppers are able to select thousands of items ranging from furniture to electronic items and preview them in their home.

While being often associated with the gaming scene, it is great to see that augmented and virtual reality are getting increasingly important for retailers as well. Walmart instead has recently started to prepare their staff for Black Friday through training with virtual reality technology.

Besides, Walmart’s recently acquired online-retailer Bonobos could soon integrate new solutions that will enable customers to try on fashion items with the help of virtual reality. As Walmart’s technology incubator Store No 8 is accelerating 3-D image solutions, virtual reality could make their way into the product offering sooner than you think.

Despite having a long way to go, the integration of such technologies will transform the way how people will shop in the future.Therefore, we are curious what leading innovators such as Amazon and Walmart are releasing in the upcoming months and years.

Check out the video about Amazons latest AR solution, which is only available for Apple users so far.