This is something many of us, especially girls, have wished for many years. Thanks to Project Nourished, an initiative started by Kokiri Lab in Silicon Valley, this is now possible. Founder Jinsoo An has been inspired by many of his Chef friends to bring together food and technology. The result is a VR gastronomic experience, where the meal virtual food experience is delivered in an entirely different world. Hence, the focus lies more on the pleasure side of dining than on the nutritional side of eating.

With a team of over 30 people including 3D artists, designers, food scientists, chefs and engineers, Project Nourished has created a way for people to immerse themselves into a new reality in which they enjoy different meals. All you need is a VR headset (for stimulating vision), an aromatic diffuser (for smell), 3D printed cubes (for texture),a bone conduction transducer (for chewing), and a gyroscopic utensil (fork for the virtual and physical food), and a virtual cocktail glass (for intoxication).

Here’s how it works: Before diving into a virtual world, you are seated in a room that does not resemble a typical restaurant at all. All utensils used for the VR experience such as the headset have been designed by the team to already give an impression of the experience that awaits you. As soon as you put on the headset, you find yourself in a new dining environment, such as a place in Japan where Sushi is served. With the help of the gyroscopic utensil, you can take the virtual piece of sushi (which in reality is a 3D printed cube made of algae, yeast and insects!!) and consume it. The texture of the cube, the aromatic diffuser and the sounds produced by the bone conduction transducer trick your mind into believing you are eating actual Sushi. Moreover, drinking from the virtual cocktail glass makes you even believe you are drinking an alcoholic cocktail!

Project Nourished is a great opportunity for people to virtually try foods they would otherwise not be able to eat, be it for example due to intolerances, diets or disabilities. Moreover, this technology may be used for children to encourage and educate them to turn to healthier eating habits.

Overall though, Project Nourished is something for people looking for a different kind of food experience. Would you try it?



Here you can check out the full story behind Project Nourished