Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are among the most relevant buzzwords when it comes to the technology across the globe right now. While we have seen relatively little intersections of these two in terms of customer services, Daimler has made a move into the sphere by integrating chatbot technology with augmented reality features.

Daimler launching chatbots

With the new ‘Ask Mercedes’ mobile app, car owners will understand their cars better than ever before. Customers can engage in a dialogue by simply asking the chatbot questions about functionalities or their driving behaviour. Answers and feedback can be received no matter if questions are typed or asked via voice. The chatbot features can even be integrated with Amazon Echo, Facebook Messenger or Google Home. Clearly, such advancements have the potential to improve the customer experience considerably and may help Daimler understand their customers more.

Augmented Reality in customer service – what is yet to come?

Beyond such voice recognition, in-app augmented reality enables Mercedes owners to scan controls and displays with their smartphone camera and receive information on their screen through augmented reality technology. The app provides a computer-generated overlay of control infographics over the image supplied. This will help car owners to understand the full potential of their car even better. Extensive manual-handbooks, which often remain untouched in the glovebox anyways, may soon be irrelevant, given that the offering of such new intelligent virtual assistants expands to other firms and industries.

Global Rollout

The new virtual assistant is set to be released very soon in Malaysia and South Africa, before being offered in other markets in early 2018. Due to the immense potential, we are excited what there is to come and how chatbots and augmented reality transform the customer experience, not only in automotive but numerous other sectors. The potential seems to be immense.