We all have had a fantasy of flying like a bird at some point of time in life.

Wait no more! because Birdly lets you do just that through the power of Virtual Reality.

Birdly brings to you the entire structure, giving complete control over the flying experience. There is an Oculus on your face, headphones on your ears and with your arms spread wide, you are soaring amidst the city’s downtown. Each input is reflected in the virtual flight processor and returned as physical feedback through nick, roll and heave movements.

It is so realistic that you can feel the wind blowing on your face. That’s not it, it has something for your nose as well!. It adjusts and provides you different smells according to the region over which you fly! So, different smell over forests, oceans and the streets.

Like a bird, you regulate the speed by tilting your body and applying power. There is manipulation of primary feathers for speed, altitude and navigation. Because Sky is the Limit!


Check out how the winners of Laval Virtual Award (Siggraph, Vancouver) take you around the skies of New York!

The Sensorama recommends you to try this rare bird in the VR world. We suggest you to even make this your next revenue stream. Place it in a public place or even a shopping centre and see enthusiasts like you experience “Birdly”.

Enquire about it or Buy it now at   http://birdlyvr.com/contact/ .