1.VR is affordable!

Many people still think that VR is the technology of the future and therefore it is extremely expensive. VR is not a future anymore. Prices of VR headsets are going down rapidly! A headset that requires a smartphone to work currently can cost less than 40$!

2.VR could be implemented in gaming at 1993!

SEGA announced the Sega VR headset for their Genesis console at 1993. The prototype of the glasses had 3 main features: head tracking, stereo sound and LCD screens. SEGA wanted to release the product for $200. However, technologies were not developed enough and product never got to the market.

3.U.S. army is a fan of VR….

If you want to become a part of U.S army these days, you have to do a VR simulation. Now VR simulation is a part of both recruiting and training processes. The military was among the first to invest in VR technologies. Simply, because VR can provide simulations, which allows teamwork in realistic environment and prepare soldiers for the chaos of the battlefield.

4. …While NASA has been a fan of AR since 1999!

More 15 (!) years ago NASA became an adopter of AR. NASA used a AR dashboard for navigation of X-38. Scott Kelly, Astronaut, used it to report the views from space to Mission Control!