All of us love traveling. However, we find one’s way in a foreign country can be quite the hassle. Therefore, we want to propose you some apps that can make your next travel easier and more fun.


CityGuideTours will make sightseeing a whole new experience. Open the app, and receive information and real-time data such as weather forecasts on the locations around you. Download the app in the app store or Googleplay (available for a selection of cities only). Check out the video below to see how it works.

Tunnel Vision

Are planning to go to New York anytime soon? Then this app might be interesting to you. Tunnel Vision brings the NY subway map to life and integrates real time data such as schedule times.

Word Lense

When traveling, we are often faced with the problem that we cannot understand or read the local language. The AR app Word Lense offers a solution by instantly translating signs and text. Even though this app has been out for a few years, it still is quite useful and super easy to use: Capture the sign or text to be translated with your phone camera in the app, and it will then show a translated, identically looking version of that text on your display. You can download the app in the App store or in Google Play.


P.S.: Should you go to London anytime soon, we recommend you check out City Social Bar in Tower 42 and try their augmented reality cocktails (especially if you’re not ready for Project Nourished yet)