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Four things you didn’t know about VR and AR!

4 things you didn't know vr

  1.VR is affordable! Many people still think that VR is the technology of the future and therefore it is extremely expensive. VR is not a future anymore. Prices of VR headsets are going down rapidly! A headset that requires […]

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Become a DJ with this new VR application!


Germany is always two steps ahead others in one particular field, in DJing. And this is no surpise that German virtual reality company Entropi in collaboration with professional DJs developed a software that can change the way of DJing forever. […]

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Surviving Zombie Apocalypse with unique VR quest


When the new groundbreaking discovery is occurring, many people think that they have already heard about it a long time ago. They might have seen it in a movie or read about it in a book. So, does life imitate […]

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ARKit – Bringing Augmented Reality to your smartphone

The tech IPO's Virtual Reality

It is likely that no one will argue about the importance of the two new realities – augmented and virtual. It is only a matter of time until they break into our everyday lives and change our approach to many […]

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