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Fancy a future-proof job? Choose a career in VR/AR


Virtual Reality is on the rise, and with it the demand for VR-related jobs. In times of rapid development of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it might not be foolish to consider a job in this young but booming industry. […]

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Microsoft’s Mixed Reality, best of both worlds?


While everyone is getting increasingly familiar with virtual reality and augmented reality, Microsoft’s endeavour into this reality-virtuality continuum, remains largely unnoticed by the mainstream public. However, all of that is bound to change, and rather soon if we go by […]

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Experience the dangers of drunk driving – in VR


. . Johnnie Walker put together an immersive video that allows you to experience first hand what a drunk driving crash might feel like. A nice example of VR in a prevention campaign, that could hopefully make people more conscious […]

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