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Birdly – I Believe I Can Fly!

birdly-virtual reality

  We all have had a fantasy of flying like a bird at some point of time in life. Wait no more! because Birdly lets you do just that through the power of Virtual Reality. Birdly brings to you the […]

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Virtual Reality’s Guinness World Record

VR guinnes world record

The Sensorama has discussed variety of usage in virtual reality. Right from its application in Automobile industry to its usage in the Gaming Industry, the virtual reality sector shows us something new everyday. Watch as Derek Westerman swaps reality for […]

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The IKEA place – a new way to try before you buy


Have you ever bought a furniture online and struggled later with its look and placement with your room dimension? Have you ever felt that physical purchasing is necessary for your perfect furniture? Lets see how IKEA changes the traditional play. […]

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