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3 AR apps that will make traveling more comfortable

All of us love traveling. However, we find one’s way in a foreign country can be quite the hassle. Therefore, we want to propose you some apps that can make your next travel easier and more fun. CityGuideTours CityGuideTours will […]

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Differences between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


Which are the main differences between these two “realities”? For augmented reality we mean the enrichment of our sensory perception through various levels of information, generally elaborated and transmitted electronically, that would not be perceptible with the five senses. We talk […]

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Fancy a future-proof job? Choose a career in VR/AR


Virtual Reality is on the rise, and with it the demand for VR-related jobs. In times of rapid development of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it might not be foolish to consider a job in this young but booming industry. […]

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Four things you didn’t know about VR and AR!

4 things you didn't know vr

  1.VR is affordable! Many people still think that VR is the technology of the future and therefore it is extremely expensive. VR is not a future anymore. Prices of VR headsets are going down rapidly! A headset that requires […]

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Ask Mercedes – a new customer experience through AI & AR

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are among the most relevant buzzwords when it comes to the technology across the globe right now. While we have seen relatively little intersections of these two in terms of customer services, Daimler has made […]

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Amazon enables you to shop in Augmented Reality for Black Friday 2017


Just in time for Black Friday 2017, Amazon is following firms such as IKEA or Wayfair in making a strategic move towards the integration of augmented reality (AR) into the shopping experience. Beginning of this month, Amazon integrated AR View […]

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Microsoft’s Mixed Reality, best of both worlds?


While everyone is getting increasingly familiar with virtual reality and augmented reality, Microsoft’s endeavour into this reality-virtuality continuum, remains largely unnoticed by the mainstream public. However, all of that is bound to change, and rather soon if we go by […]

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The IKEA place – a new way to try before you buy


Have you ever bought a furniture online and struggled later with its look and placement with your room dimension? Have you ever felt that physical purchasing is necessary for your perfect furniture? Lets see how IKEA changes the traditional play. […]

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When AR meets Makeup: Effortless beauty in one touch


Girls, have you ever looked at the mirror and started to think what makeup you should wear to fit your little fancy designer dress for an important event? Have you finally finished your delicate makeup look only to find out […]

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ARKit – Bringing Augmented Reality to your smartphone

The tech IPO's Virtual Reality

It is likely that no one will argue about the importance of the two new realities – augmented and virtual. It is only a matter of time until they break into our everyday lives and change our approach to many […]

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