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Become a DJ with this new VR application!


Germany is always two steps ahead others in one particular field, in DJing. And this is no surpise that German virtual reality company Entropi in collaboration with professional DJs developed a software that can change the way of DJing forever. […]

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Get on board! Your virtual holiday starts now!


We talked about Space Exploring with virtual reality. You probably think it’s too fancy to be true. Also, it might not be possible for each of us to actually experience space traveling in real life. Let’s get virtual reality one […]

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Virtual Reality’s Guinness World Record

VR guinnes world record

The Sensorama has discussed variety of usage in virtual reality. Right from its application in Automobile industry to its usage in the Gaming Industry, the virtual reality sector shows us something new everyday. Watch as Derek Westerman swaps reality for […]

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Microsoft’s Mixed Reality, best of both worlds?


While everyone is getting increasingly familiar with virtual reality and augmented reality, Microsoft’s endeavour into this reality-virtuality continuum, remains largely unnoticed by the mainstream public. However, all of that is bound to change, and rather soon if we go by […]

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Holodeck: disrupting the way designers work


  The real killer application of virtual reality may not be video games, as you always thought. But maybe it will be the opportunity to share a single, highly defined, digital environment that obeys all the laws of physics and […]

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Surviving Zombie Apocalypse with unique VR quest


When the new groundbreaking discovery is occurring, many people think that they have already heard about it a long time ago. They might have seen it in a movie or read about it in a book. So, does life imitate […]

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Experience the dangers of drunk driving – in VR


. . Johnnie Walker put together an immersive video that allows you to experience first hand what a drunk driving crash might feel like. A nice example of VR in a prevention campaign, that could hopefully make people more conscious […]

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The IKEA place – a new way to try before you buy


Have you ever bought a furniture online and struggled later with its look and placement with your room dimension? Have you ever felt that physical purchasing is necessary for your perfect furniture? Lets see how IKEA changes the traditional play. […]

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Google Blocks: the 3D modeling app for VR


Google Blocks is a new tool that allows anyone to make 3D models in Virtual Reality. One of the most complicated aspects of virtual reality is the need to create three-dimensional objects through a two-dimensional screen. In fact, traditional 3D […]

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Space Explorers: bringing Space down to Earth through VR


Who hasn’t really thought about going to Space? The curiosity and adrenaline around it have kept us developing new and faster ways to reach the Space for decades. Until now, only few have had this opportunity. That is about to […]

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