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When AR meets Makeup: Effortless beauty in one touch


Girls, have you ever looked at the mirror and started to think what makeup you should wear to fit your little fancy designer dress for an important event? Have you finally finished your delicate makeup look only to find out […]

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ARKit – Bringing Augmented Reality to your smartphone

The tech IPO's Virtual Reality

It is likely that no one will argue about the importance of the two new realities – augmented and virtual. It is only a matter of time until they break into our everyday lives and change our approach to many […]

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Augmented & Virtual Reality, merely gaming trend or rather pervasive digital disruption?

pokemon-go Virtual Reality

It was summer 2016 when people all around the world started to chase and collect little cartoon creatures with a smartphone app called Pokémon GO. The gigantic success of Pokémon GO with downloads surpassing 750 million since its release, is […]

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